For us, Ukuthula is a state of being. It's being comfortable with yourself and the nature that surrounds you: body, mind, and soul

We encourage making choices that can take less away from the planet and promote a sense of being at peace with yourself. We believe the clothes you wear shouldn't cause any harm to the Earth. We want our clothing to inspire better and thoughtful choices. Our clothes reflect the vibrancy of the surrounding nature, the joy, and beauty that can be found in every forest, mountain, and river of the Earth. All these elements seamlessly come together to create a unique feeling of peace and vivacity. That's Ukuthula.

Our mision

Encouraged by the ‘Wide feeling, high sense’, we promote a broad vision of nature, of outdoor spaces, taking care from the smallest and most fragile to the largest, to connect 100% with the Earth.

And in our desire to ensure that this connection is organic every time we go out to enjoy it. We want our clothes to be your second skin: light, breathable and comfortable, cold or hot, windy or rainy.

We innovate and create so that your senses do not lose detail of every moment you spend practicing your outdoor sport