Wool Climber Jacket Woman

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Wool climber insulation capability second layer with Merino technowool. Comfortable dry sensation.


Wool climber is a second layer with long sleeves and high collar, elastic, designed for mountain activities. Made with a breathable fabric, very pleasant. Collar with YKK zipper. Side pockets.

WOOL CLIMBER JACKET WOMAN · Measurements: (cm)
Chest width 85 89 93 97 101
Waist width 75 79 83 87 91
Hip 89 93 97 101 105
Sleeve length 58 59 60 61 62
Fabrics and technology

High breathability the wool fiber carries the body vapor to the outside helping the cooling during high energy impact activities: The fiber is able to absorb moisture up to 35% of its weight, leaving a comfortable dry sensation High thermoregulation capability Wool, more than any other fiber, has a high insulation capability thanks to the small air pockets that are formed internally, even when the fiber is charged with humidity. This insulation power makes you warm even in very low temperatures and gives a sensation of freshness when it is very hot. Odour control the complex merino wool structure absorbs odour caused by perspiration and captures it inside the fiber, reducing this way any unpleasant smells.


8% LYCRA® - 6% PA- 69% PES RECYCLED- 17% WOOL Merino

Wool Climber Jacket Sustainability