The feeling of calm and peace that we feel on top of a mountain, looking at the ocean from the shore of a deserted beach or stopping to rest in the middle of a lonely forest

What means ukuthula

Symbiosis with nature. That space of contact with the most primary. The feeling of calm and peace that we feel on top of a mountain, looking at the ocean from the shore of a deserted beach or stopping to rest in the middle of a lonely forest. We are lovers of outdoor sports and the environment. The mixture of both offers us the opportunity to connect with the natural environment deeply.

That is exactly Ukuthula. The confluence of sensations that run through the body and mind when we travel to remote places, when we climb a mountain, when we feel the cold water of the river on our skin, when the sea breeze caresses our face. And at the end of our activity and one more day on earth, we also remain Ukuthula. Lying down and relaxed, observing the trees, the sea, the sky, with the feeling of accumulating one more experience and the energy that it brings us to face any challenge the next morning.

Our mission

Ukuthula we are a group of people inspired by respect for the environment, to discover new corners of the planet, without forgetting our favorite places. Athletes passionate about natural environments: sea, mountains, rivers, forests, lakes...

Encouraged by the ‘Wide feeling, high sense’, we promote a broad vision of nature, of outdoor spaces, taking care from the smallest and most fragile to the largest, to connect 100% with the Earth.

And in our desire to ensure that this connection is organic every time we go out to enjoy it, we create high-quality technical garments that are respectful of the environment and offer all the necessary comfort. We innovate and create so that your senses do not lose detail of every moment you spend practicing your outdoor sport.

Our values

We are committed to do everything with minimal environmental impact. We use reusable biodegradable packaging. Our clothing design is done without additional garments label

Our objectives


At Ukuthula we want to accompany you in your outdoor activity.
Improve and innovate every day, to offer the best quality with the least impact on the manufacturing process of our garments.


Work and grow alongside companies that share our responsible philosophy and respect for the environment and sustainability. From that non-negotiable basis, we want to share the freedom that you feel practicing activities in the natural environment.


Defend the natural, feel the synergies that our forests, our beaches, oceans, mountains, and valleys give us ... and understand how to live by their side.



Efficiently contribute to the return to the origins of creating clothes, to understand ourselves with nature in an organic and healthy way.
Oxygenate our planet and minimize our impact using sustainable materials to help reduce pollution in production processes.


Breathing fresh air and taking advantage of the unique reward offered by walking, running or swimming in unique spaces, confident that we do so by minimizing our environmental footprint, to leave a better planet for new generations.