Seeds Movement

Seeds Movement

At Ukuthula, we believe in the power of small acts, so we have partnered with Bridapalla to help us protect the world with their seeds. We want to empower everyone to plant seeds with their purchases while offering sustainably made products. Each seed label help us protect the world and reduce the negative impact of the fashion industry

Bridepalla was born with the desire to promote environmental awareness. And it accomplishes through the design, production, and sale of promotional gifts based on nature for companies and entities. Bridapalla works with entities that provide training and employment for people with mental health problems 

How the plantable label works 

Tutorial Bridepalla - YouTube

A plantable label is a biodegradable eco-friendly paper made from post-consumer materials (no trees damaged for this paper!) and embedded with seeds. When the label is planted in the earth, the seeds grow and the paper decomposes. What remains are wildflowers and no waste

Required material

  • A plant pot
  • Good quality soil
  • Plantable label
  • Water
  • A sunny corner

How to plant the label

  1. Prepare your plantpot

Fill the pot 2/3 full with good soil. Beat the soil and add more as needed. The pot must be very full but not too compressed. The label can be planted indoors or outdoor, so you can choose according to the temperature and conditions at the time of sowing (we do not recommend planting outdoor if it is too hot or too cold)

  1. Plant the label

Take your plantable label and place it on the previously prepared soil. Create a thin layer of the earth but sufficient to cover the planted label

  1. Water

After planting the label in the pot, wet it well so that the label and the soil are moist but don’t use too much water. During the first 10 days, keep the label wet. Water is necessary for germination

  1. Germination

Once the sprouts appear, continue to keep the label wet but be careful not to water too much. When sturdy plants appear, water them as needed


Once the flowers start to bloom, transplant them and place them in a decorative vase!



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