SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a unique collaborative community that works with ocean clean-up programs around the world to transform the marine litter they recover into Upcycled Marine Plastic; a new, fully traceable raw material with the power to raise awareness of the issue of marine pollution and highlight those helping to fight it.

Plastic is destroying our marine environment like never before. Together, we must act now. SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a unique collaborative model that challenges plastic pollution. Working with NGOs, fi shermen, researchers, authorities, industry and brands we make it possible for plastic marine litter to be transformed into inspiring new products. Plastic retrieved from our oceans, beaches and estuaries is converted into a new, fully traceable raw material that has the power to raise awareness of the problem of marine plastics and all those working hard to solve it.


SEAQUAL INITIATIVE’s first collaboration with industry resulted in the award winning SEAQUAL® YARN, a high quality 100% recycled polyester fiber containing plastic marine litter.


SEAQUAL® YARN is a starting point for a cleaner ocean, a yarn for an environmentally conscious textile market.

Upcycled Marine Plastic

SEAQUAL® YARN is a high quality 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn containing Upcycled Marine Plastic from SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.

SEAQUAL® YARN is almost identical in physical properties to virgin polyester and is available in a variety of sizes and finishes (both in continuous filament and staple fiber).

SEAQUAL® YARN is used in a multitude of applications including apparel and accessories, contract and automotive upholstery, home furnishings and technical textiles. –