The benefits of Outdoor Exercise

The benefits of Outdoor Exercise

We know that moving our bodies is good for us. But studies have shown that exercising outside, has benefits for our mind and body that go far beyond those you experience when you exercise indoors. The best part is you don’t even have to do anything extreme. Just being outside and moving can help you reap those rewards.

Exercising outdoor goes well beyond the physical benefits. Outdoor exercise makes people happier, less fatigued, and more tranquil and relaxed.

One of the biggest benefits we get from this type of exercise is a sense of renewal and restoration. Both getting outdoors and exercising allow us to get into a deeper meditative state and focus on the present moment. When we combine the two, it gives us a greater opportunity to shut down our daily stressors, our negative thoughts & worries, and our running to-do lists and just connect to our bodies and the natural world around us.

Basically, it helps to restore us by bringing us back to ourselves.

Here are a few steps to start adding more outdoor exercise into your life:

  • Start small. Even a short time moving outdoors can have an impact, one study found the first five minutes of outdoor exercise had the biggest positive psychological impact.
  • Get creative. Think of the ways you already enjoy exercising and get creative on how to bring that activity outdoors.
  • Join a group. Find a crew who is looking to enjoy the outdoors with you. Whether you love walking, running, hiking, climbing, yoga or just general group fitness, you’re bound to find a group that is perfect for you.
  • Recreate responsibly. Exercising outdoors can be a safer choice than indoor gyms but remember to always respect others and the environment when you’re spending time outdoors.

Do you enjoy exercising outdoors? 

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