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Our commitment with environment force us to work with collaborators who have the same idea.
That’s why we partner with the best, ethical factories around the world. We put sustainability at the core of everything we do.
The people who make the clothes are as important as the people who wear them.

All good news for the planet.


Together for a clean ocean

The SEAQUAL Initiative challenges plastic pollution and helps to clean our oceans of Marine Litter, helping society move towards a circular economy. The SEAQUAL Initiative is a unique collaborative model involving NGOs, Fishermen, Researchers, Scientists, Authorities and Private Stakeholders to clean the Ocean floor and surface, rivers and estuaries, beaches and coastlines. Become a SEAQUAL Licensee and join our fight against Marine Litter.

SEAQUAL Licensees are companies who recognize the need to make a change, helping local communities move towards a circular economy. SEAQUAL Licensees inspire consumers and engage clients with recycled, sustainable products that contain Upcycled Marine Plastic.

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Cleaning our oceans and the entire marine environment: the ocean floor and surface, rivers and estuaries, beaches and coastlines.


Helping local society move towards a more sustainable way of living, towards a circular economy, acting ‘glocally’: global and locally.


Supporting and engaging with SEAQUAL Heroes and their stories (NGOs, fishermen, local communities and researchers).

Sustainable Products

Developing beautiful and sustainable everyday products containing Upcycled Marine Plastic, a 100% recycled material with full traceability.4


Pioneering sustainable manufacturing for over 30 years

Eco-Engineering™ is Polartec's production and distribution platform to reduce emissions, waste, and cost, while also meeting the increased global demand for high quality, sustainable textiles. They have established higher-than-mandated protocols for water filtration, waste capture, and recycled content. We meet the highest possible standard of compliance and accountability. A standard we have set for all our facilities worldwide.

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