What to Wear in Iceland: The Ultimate Iceland Packing List

What to Wear in Iceland: The Ultimate Iceland Packing List

When you have to travel it is very easy to pack more, especially if your destination is Iceland.

On these types of trips, carrying only “the essentials” can be complicated. Although it seems like a good idea to reuse the clothes several times and wash them, the cleaning part will be the easiest, waiting for them to dry is another story. On the other hand, including every winter item of clothing you own in your luggage would be too much.

We believe that there is an intermediate point, and we will give you a couple of necessary tips so that you can find that ideal balance, and you can be sure that you are packing the right clothes for your adventure in Iceland.

Your luggage

Iceland is a truly unique place, there is so much to see and do. But in order to enjoy its beautiful landscapes and amazing activities, you have to be prepared.

How to cope with the cold

No matter what time of year you visit Iceland, the temperature and wind are notoriously changeable. Humidity and winds can make temperatures feel much lower than they really are.

One of the best tips we can give you is to ensure your top layers are wind resistant and water repellent.

Another important tip too, is that in order to stay warm (even though the temperature is doing its best to freeze you) is to make sure you remove any moisture that is on your skin. Avoid fabrics like cotton, because when you sweat this fabric stays wet and it is very difficult for it to dry. Instead, choose a layer that is designed specifically for hiking or outdoor activities, and that keeps moisture away from the skin.

What to wear in Iceland?

It is very important to bring layers that can be added or removed as the weather changes.

Here are some essentials

  • A base layer: with thermal fabric, wool or special for outdoor activities. Discover our Merino Base Layer: Merino wool is the perfect fabric for layering as it's warm yet lightweight, dries quickly and is odour-resistant so you can wear it multiple times before washing. It is soft and does not itch like other wools.
  • A pair of sweaters or jackets: to maintain body heat. Discover our Alpha Root Downproof: you will need a waterproof jacket, preferably with a hood to keep your head dry.
  • Cold-resistant pants: and that dry quickly. Discover our Kubanda Pants: perfect for days with low temperatures.
  • Hats, gloves, scarves and thick socks
  • Comfortable boots

The main thing in Iceland is to keep warm and prepare for bad weather, but do not overlook a very important item: your swimsuit or swimsuit, no matter when you go to Iceland, even if there is snow, you will need it for the famous thermal baths from the country.

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